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What is the boho chic style

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Talk about the style boho chic, is to share with you fashion, and if something must highlight this style is it is something bohemian combined with hippie more modernized, adapted to the present. The projected image is relaxed and only a little carefree, but in this style you have to be mindful of all details to have the ability to make the proper combinations, because if you do not use the colors and mix the elements discreetly, you have a tendency to fall under the ridiculous. Really at present individuals who make use of this fashion, they do it in a way so elegant and chic, that the glamour, the wonder, the elegance and the lending, are always within their attires. Boho will be individual and natural, the best colors are natural or earth tones with touches of orange, green and magenta.Accessories may be certainly one of the main elements of boho chic, as you can literally use most of the accessories you want, use many bracelets boho chic, bracelets both on the wrist and ankle, combinations of earrings, necklaces and rings, in addition to the classic headbands and an adorable boho style belt, and we cannot help naming a fashion accessory such as for instance boho chic handbags , which complement this style. The makeup used must sell the notion of projecting an all natural look, without seeing you discolored or untidy. Probably the most highlighting features with this fashion are given by the utilization of: • Fringes in vests, boho bags, belts and shoes• Usage of loose garments manufactured from light and moving fabrics• The usage of stamps• Overlapping garments• Use of boho chic necklaces, and very eye-catching boho chic bracelets• Headband Use• Hairstyles with loose waves or braids This style is created using eye-catching garments with well defined characteristics, and really simple and easy way, you can build a boho chic outfit, just employing a basic neutral it with a waistcoat in fringed leather, a skirt with ankles stamped or even a wide-leg jeans, as accessories could work with a bracelets , a scarf and a boho bag, in this combination is obviously drawn the style boho chic.This style shows femininity combined with freedom that provides the looseness, and the movement of the garments.The fashion world, has adopted this style, and we are able to view it on the catwalks throughout the parades that have been made in recent times, hence the celebrities of the entire world of action many have adopted this style so particular, free and carefree.In the event that you see a celebrity with maxi printed dresses, maxifaldas, scarves in the pinnacle, loose mane or hairstyles with braids, floral or ethnic prints, wide-brimmed hats, boho bags, ie with fringes, ornaments etc., is before a celebrity who uses the