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You do not pay attention

2 min read

Take a look at the obstacles, you will see all the obstacles in every place make you feel discouraged and give up, but if you pay attention to the brain using the target, the barriers will disappear. Back then, everything around you will become a device to help your friends get closer to the ice goal. Do not believe it. Watch out for the time you want to open the bottle. Whether its the edge of a table, the bed, the scissors, the screwdriver, or even the head of someone you do not like, because the brain has a clear command, then the mission is to open the bottle. I will look to see everything that has been pressed immediately, but if not set to open the bottle to eat the same table, only use the terminology. You may see only what you see. The purpose of life is different if your meaning has a clear picture of the day, and if you focus on it consistently, the language will disappear. And all the gadgets that are found on a daily basis will come along as the assistants in creating the amazingly successful goal. Rags looking at the wall as a barrier in the middle of him to keep close to the target, the millionaire looked at the wall as a device that hands climbed to see everything.