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Iggy Azalea Kate Middleton and Justin Timberlake

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1. Iggy Azalea fries. 2. A royal Kate Middleton jellybean. 3. A banana with Nutella = Matt Smith. 4. Back when Justin Timberlakes hair looked like your dorm room dinner. 5. An eggplant with a nose worthy of Richard Nixon. 6. This perfectly crispy bacon that has a striking resemblance to 70s-era Elvis Presley. 7. The most serious/delicious parfait in Gotham. 8. And a splatter of grape jelly to match. 9. Jabba the ham. 10. Little known fact: 72% of all red onions look like Whoopi Goldberg. 11. One of these is actor Channing Tatum can you tell which? 12. And finally, near perfect pancake representation of President Obama.