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Onata, in its web app and mobile app forms, has created an ecosystem for the services industry where service providers and seekers congregate to fulfil their needs. As the curtain raiser for its launch, Onata is announcing its Onata Insider Program (OIP). The Onata Insider Program is open from today (December 27) thru the end of Feb 2018. All Onata registrants who register on the web ( or through downloading the app on iOS (will be released soon) or Android stores, get a $5 credit toward future services. Discover more exciting perks at

In a recent statement, Krishna Vemuri, CEO and Product Architect of Onata, said, “We, at Onata, wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018. Today, Onata is rolling out the Onata Insider Program (OIP) to reward our early registrants. You are invited to register at to experience Onata and claim a spot in the pre-launch bonanza. Register at and we will credit $5 toward your future services. Once in, you can join other Onata Insiders to race toward 100,001 shares from Onata stock options, the GRAND PERK. Be there before everyone else! Explore and Get Surprised to know what we have wrapped inside OIP.”

Jyoti Vazirani, the Co-founder, added:
“Onata is promoted by people who have lived the following different phases of life:

being a parent to infants, toddlers, school going kids, college going kids, and pets
living in an apartment, a townhome, and a single family home
doing odd jobs or staying home to support the family
having pets, automobiles, appliances, offices
having more time and less money, and more money and less time
looking for a neighbour to borrow the snowblower for free or for a price to lending the same for pride or price to neighbours
looking for help to drop the kids to the swimming class, when a last-minute meeting was scheduled at the office
being a high schooler looking for some work part-time, or some help in calculus homework assignment
looking for a piece of work in the neighbourhood at my convenient hours to support the family
“At every stage of life, we felt the need for services that are affordable, and on demand. We created the answer, more of a consensus, to help the ones like us who are in different phases of their life cycle of life. That answer is Onata ™, the Universe of Services™ in a Jiffy™.

“Visit us at, register, refer more people and race to win the Grand Perk, Onata Stock Options!

“Onata Insiders get to experience the beta version of our first service ‘NEIGHBOURHOOD SERVICE’, an exciting way to define your neighbourhood and seek TRUSTED services among neighbours.”

Jyoti further stated: “Our tech-filled lives leave us with little time for one another. At Onata, we have re-employed the same technology that has driven people apart to bring them back together. Good days are coming, come on and explore Onata!!”

About the Company is a services eco-system available on web and app stores for service providers and seekers Onata will be available through App Store, Play Store, and as a web app soon.

For more information, please contact:
Krishna Vemuri
CEO and Product Architect
Phone: 732-236-8877

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