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Eating frequently helps losing

Eating frequently helps losing A misconception: Starving ourselves will promote weight loss at a faster pace. It increases the temptation to unhealthy foods rich in sugar and fat. Eating small and frequent meals at regular intervals is the best way of natural weight loss because it burns calories at a faster rate.

Carrots Tips

After organ meat carrots are consider food that is rich in #vitamin A. .You can either drink it as a juice or can also cook it to have it in the meal. Carrots are low in calories so you can take them fearlessly. Also they are good for keeping digestive system good.

World Tuberculosis Day

Hate the disease but not the diseased! Let’s take a moment to address tuberculosis disease and the social stigma associated with it. World Tuberculosis Day is observed on March 24 every year and is…

Pumpkin also contains Vitamin A

#Pumpkin also contains Vitamin A and can be taken as a dessert. Taking half cup of pumpkin will give you 953 milligrams of #Vitamin A.

Education in the Early #Prenatal Period

Education in the Early #Prenatal Period
Elevated estrogen and progesterone levels in early pregnancy generate changes in the body, causing pregnancy associated discomforts.

Egg are good source

#Egg are good source of protein as well as vitamin A. eat one to two eggs daily in breakfast to fulfil the need of #vitamin A in the body.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet #potatoes is also among the top 10 natural sources of vitamin A in food. It contains up to 1,096 milligram #vitamin A. you can boil them, bake them or roast them to eat. It is a great snack to eat.