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How To Avoid 5 Common Cycling Hazards

There’s plenty of hazards to avoid for cyclists on the road for the cyclist to avoid this is especially true for city cycling on busy roads.

Best Facial Exercises - Cycling Knee Pain:Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Cycling is rather good for you and your body but there are times that riding a bicycle can be hurtful or damaging as well. The following are a few of the known injuries that affect cycling knee pain, there causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Do You Take an Advanced Care of Your Skin?

Skin care is a vital part of our life. We need to care about it in order to maintain its softness, beauty and charm.

As it protects the body from the invasion of external harmful elements, it tends to wear down and gets damaged. So it becomes even more necessary to take care of the skin in the best possible manner.

How To Deal With A Depressed Teenager

Some parents seem to think that raising a teen is a tough job. Well it is actually in some cases. Parents usually find that there is no clear cut parenting tip to raise a teen. In some cases, a parent’s situation may be aggravated by the reality of teenage depression. What parenting tip can parents of depressed teens take note of?

How to get rid of eczema quickly

Are you thinking how to get rid of eczema fast so you can hang around with your people? Eczema, or dermatitis, could be a skin condition which will have an effect on everybody, and kids area unit particularly prone. 

Best Natural Makeup For Acne Prone Skin

Acne is a skin condition when the pores on the skin surface get clogged causing bacteria to settle in, and the pores to get infected (What is acne?).

Oily skin, hormones, skin care methods etc. are all attributed to cause acne during adolescent age and even during adulthood. There are treatment plans to control and prevent acne and acne-scars. There are chemical-based makeup products that are harmful even for non-prone skins. But natural and organic makeup solutions give relief for longer duration for acne prone skins.

sanusense (Sanu Francis Dutta) - DeviantArt

A thrilling journey of a Mountain Bike Rider! You may see the more mountain bikes on Mount Rides.

How To Prepare For An Epic Mountain Bike Ride

Being prepared for a mountain bike ride of epic proportions is very crucial and I know this, because about two years ago I participated in a group ride of nearly thirty mountain bikers from the area that I live in. 

The Benefits Of Using Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup is new, entirely natural, and absolutely safe for use on any part of your body. It is defining the newest trends in general cosmetic industry by its extreme usefulness and charm! It is called mineral make up.

5 Step Stationary Bike Workouts For Cycling Endurance

Cycling endurance is all about being able to ride over long distances while still having the strength to ride at a good pace. The most basic stationary bike workouts for improving cycling endurance involve riding over long distances.