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Hurry Up! Grab Resident Evil 7’s DLC now for Xbox One and PC

If you’re an Xbox One and PC user then we would like to tell that All Resident Evil 7’S DLC out now for those users. For more details, you can run your vision to the following content.

Grab the 4 best Skype software and Call Recording apps

Being the ultimate communicating platform, Skype has much fine software and call recordings apps which can make your experience much better.

Xbox Users Are Facing Screen And Display Issues In Xbox One: How To Get Rid Of These?

People can’t understand as to why Xbox One is having Screen and display problem. What bothers people more is the fact that everything works fine for months and years, but one day suddenly, the problem like screen and display not working appears. Let us dig deeper into the issue and also find a solution for the same. Click here to read full story.


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How Privacy Settings in Skype for Windows can be Done?

The privacy settings of any account les you control who can contact you or view you and who cannot. It prevents your account being misused. Same settings can be done in Skype for windows desktop. Read the article and know how you can do theses settings. Click here to read full story.

Syberia 3 will knock your Xbox’s door in April

Xbox users will be glad to know that in the month of April you all can step into the world of Syberia. Yes, Syberia 3 is going to knock your Xbox, PS4, and PC door in April.

Time to welcome ‘Candleman’ on your Xbox One platform

Time to welcome Mr. Candleman on your Xbox One. Yes, now you can enjoy the adventure and action of this interesting game on the platform of your Xbox One as well.

Why Are Some Xbox Users Not able To Sign Into Their Xbox Account In Windows 10?

Windows 10 accompanies numerous changes, and one of those changes is related to Xbox. As you most likely are aware Windows 10 accompanies Xbox application, however, it appears that some users can't sign in into their Xbox account on Windows 10.

Get the simple way to create the Kindle e-books from word documents files

Accessing the fine collection of books under the unique range of categories has been one of the fine feature of Kindle to cherish over the years. But, there are lots of books formats which the e-reader supports in a conventional way. Still, if you got the word files on your side, then you can also create the fine Kindle e-books

Google pixel and pixel XL got a new volume issue

If you are one of the fine users of Google Pixel/Pixel XL, then you must have experienced the scintillating features of both android smartphones. Besides the fine features, the smartphones are now facing a new volume issue. Click hereto read more.


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Skype Audio Problem Arriving In Windows 10: How To Fix It

Skype has gained a lot of popularity in the past recent years. Skype was doing well on its own, but after Microsoft acquired it a few years ago, the services of Skype have become even more reliable. We can’t ignore the problems that have engulfed Skype from time to time. Click here to read full story.

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