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Configure MongoDB HA Replica Set on AWS EC2

It has been always tedious task for choosing right configuration for MongoDB on AWS EC2. Choosing right configuration in this environment is always a challenging and it takes lots of time to make your system Production Ready. Know these steps to install MongoDB in EC2 environment for creating Production Ready HA replica set.

Secure and protect APIs with App42 API Gateway

App42 API Gateway helps distribute your SDKs to third party developers as well. You can create API keys on App42 API Gateway, set access permissions on each key and distribute them to third party developers to access your APIs.

A comprehensive App42 Api Gateway tool for API Management.

App42 API Gateway is a comprehensive API Management tool to create, publish, monitor and monetize backend systems in the form of REST APIs which can be consumed by any device (Web, Mobile, Tablet, Point of Sale, Social, Smart TV) over HTTP/HTTPS.

Know the best practices to master In-App Messages

With in-app messages you can reach to all your users, opposed to push notifications that can be delivered only to those who opted-in, which increases the overall audience you can connect with.

The most comprehensive tutorial on integrating push notifications in Android

App42 push notifications use GCM (Google Cloud Messaging). Quickly integrate and start sending push notifications from the management console as well as shoot notifications by simply using APIs to your app users.

API & API Management are Changing the Banking Industry

APIs disrupted all the business verticals, Banks introduced us to ATM machines . . . which basically allowed us to not be in the queue for hours and deposit/withdraw cash on our own easily without entering the banks.

Importance of APIs & API Management for an Omni-Channel Retail Experience

We know that the keys to a great user experience are consistency, performance, analytics, data and omni-channel presence. But to combine all these, the information we require lies in disparity. Each information has its own messaging format, protocol and security systems.

Know why backend as a service can’t be ignored for app development

In today’s day and age one does not have the luxury to build applications, which have release cycles beyond few months leave apart years like before. One needs to be super agile and focus on your core expertise, leverage whatever one can use and release the app at the earliest. Sticking to the non-invented-here syndrome, just might be a recipe for disaster.

Integrate Push Notification with Unity3d on iOS

Implementing Push Notifications in Unity Apps/games for iOS is an easy task and will explain the process of doing this through a sample unity demo App.

Know how to integrate push notification in phonegap android application

Integrating App42 Push Notification in it is a very simple task and can be done in a few easy steps. a sample PhoneGap Android application using App42 JavaScript API for the same and can be get started in few easy steps.